Danau Biru

Danau Biru is located in the Walasiho Village, Wawo District, North Kolaka District, Southeast Sulawesi. The location is not too far to tourist destinations Tamborasi Beach, approximately 30 minutes from Tamborasi Nort Kolaka you can find this beautiful Lake.


This beach is located in the samaturu kolaka district Southeast Sulawesi province, its position is very unique because it is located on a small island just 70 meters from the beach, called kaju angin by the surrounding community, because a lot of kayu angin trees. here also a large amount of bat habitat that is perched on the trees.

Tamborasi The Shortest River

Only has a length of about 20 meters, 15 meters wide. But various mystical stories can not be separated from the existence of this river. The name Tamborasi comes from the Tolaki language of Pomboraasi or inflammation. The name is inherent because it becomes the boundary to dispel the invaders by the previous fighters who passed in two districts (Kolaka-Kolut). Various versions of being from other worlds often appear in the river. Some people believe it to be a bridge to fulfill dreams.


The Sorombipi hill or pine forest is on the outskirts of the capital of East Kolaka Regency, and right on the right side of the East Kolaka Regent Office is very accessible. Visitors only need to lead to the area of Kolaka east office area in Lalingato Village, Tirawuta District, East Kolaka Regency.